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Attorney Morris Secures Substantial Settlement in Trucking Accident Case

Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC and our Dothan personal injury attorneys are known throughout Alabama and the Tri-State area for doing everything possible for our clients, no matter the complexity of the case or the size of the opposition. We are proud to say our talents and dedication have paid off yet again with a recent truck accident settlement victory secured by Attorney Joseph Morris. The trucking company played a role in an accident that led to a 17-year old boy becoming paraplegic, which only fueled Attorney Morris all the more to do the right thing and never give up.

The case originates from an accident in which a teenage boy was riding as a passenger in an automobile. The driver of the automobile stopped at a stop sign and proceeding to pull forward to cross the intersection. As the car moved forward, a truck barreled through the intersection, colliding with the passenger side of the automobile with such force, he sustained severe injuries that rendered him paraplegic.

The trucking company was adamant in its denial of any liability. It tried to place all blame on the driver of the automobile in which the boy was riding. Even the trooper accident report unduly forced blame on the automobile driver.

However, based upon his experience in handling complicated personal injury cases, Attorney Morris knew there is always more to a trucking accident case than the initial investigation. After obtaining the opportunity to inspect the truck and trailer involved in the accident, Attorney Morris was able to determine that the truck should have been deemed out of service for operation on the roadway due to deficiency in its brakes. In addition, later at depositions, it was discovered that the speedometer on the truck was not working correctly, causing the truck driver to use his personal smartphone to keep track of his speed, which lead him to exceed the speed limit at the time of the accident.

After over a year of litigation and depositions, with the trucking company denying liability all the while, a settlement became suddenly possible before the trial was set to begin. The trucking company agreed to settle for a substantial amount, having realized that Attorney Morris was prepared to fight them back and forth in court.

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