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At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC (MATD), we are recognized as a premier personal injury law firm serving the Dothan area, as well as all of Alabama and the Tri-State area. Our accomplishments include recovering one of the highest jury awards in the history of the state, at a value of $21,000,000. Our professional legal team provides top-level legal counsel in a range of injury cases. In any area of personal injury we practice, our Dothan personal injury attorneys are equipped with experience, resources, and determination, and always take on a creative approach to helping our clients maximize their recovery.

If you are seeking legal representation for a personal injury claim in Dothan, contact us online or call our office at (844) 654-6228 today for a free consultation.

More than 130 Years of Combined Legal Experience

At MATD, our approach to every case is to see the innocent injury victim fairly compensated for their damages and we do everything within our skill and power to make that come true. With nearly 150 years of legal combined shared between our attorneys, you can trust our counsel and our commitment to your case’s outcome.

The most common aspect of personal injury law involves various types of accidents. While these events are, by nature, accidental, they often involve negligence of some sort. Pinpointing negligence and an abandonment of duty to care is our mission and our goal is obtaining the maximum recovery for you and your family.

Our Areas of Practice in Dothan

Accident claims we can assist clients in Dothan with include:

Our firm also handles other types of cases involving negligence and damages, but which may not be specific to one accident.

Special areas of personal injury law, which we practice include:

If you are seeking compensation for any of these matters, contact Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC today to schedule a consultation with one of our Dothan personal injury attorneys for free. We can discuss your situation and offer you preliminary information on your options for proceeding with legal action.

When Should I Contact an Attorney Following an Accident?

If you have been injured due to the negligent behavior of a person, company, or other entity you may be entitled to compensation. Following an accident, your first priority should be your health and safety. Once your injuries have been assessed and treated, connecting with a lawyer can start the process of claiming damages for your losses.

It’s never too early to contact a lawyer in personal injury cases. Alabama law grants a window of two years to file a claim with the intent to receive damages following a personal injury. Filing your claim sooner after your accident can make for a more favorable outcome as you may have more access to crucial evidence in proving your claim such as photographic evidence and witness testimony.

Let Us Give You a Voice on the Legal Platform

At MATD, our clients always come first. We understand the impact that a tragic accident can have on your life and your family. This is why we have dedicated our legal careers to defending innocent victims of injury. You deserve to be compensated; let us help you recover from this tragic event.

Contact us for professional counsel in Dothan injury cases.