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Trucking Accident


Environmental Pollution


Premises Liability


Wrongful Death, Nursing Home Negligence


Products Liability


Breach of Lease & Contract


Trucking Accident


Product Defect


Medical Malpractice


Insurance Fraud Case


Fraud Case


Business Dispute


Auto Accident


Automobile Accident


Breach of Contract


Product Liability


Product Liability, Hand Injury


Products Liability


Car Accident


Car Accident


Drunk Driving Accident
In an automobile accident caused by alcohol intoxication


Medical Malpractice


Trucking Accident


Car Accident


Premises Liability


Failure to Pay Disability Benefits


Automobile Accident


Bad Faith Home Owner's Insurance


Motorcycle Accident


Hand Injury


Car Accident, Faulty Road Construction


Catastrophic Injury


Products Liability


Automobile Accident


Wrongful Death
Attorney Joey Morris along with co-counsel Tracy Cary and Will Hicky obtained a $20.7 million verdict from a Nashville jury for the families of two teens in a wrongful death lawsuit against "Country Rap King" Mikel Knight. The victims were killed in a motor vehicle accident after the driver suffered from extreme fatigue while working for the country rap artist’s Maverick Dirt Road Street Team. The jury found Knight was grossly negligent in the hiring, training, supervision, and entrustment practices of his company that led to the deaths of these two young men.


Home Health Case


Drowning Accident


Automobile Accident


Trucking Accident


Wrongful Cremation


Motorcycle Accident


Automobile Accident


Workers' Compensation


Automobile Accident


Car Accident


Illegal Service of Alcohol


Products Liability


Failure to Pay Life Insurance Benefits


Automobile Accident


Motorcycle Accident


Automobile Accident


Sexual Harassment


Product Liability


Auto Accident
Attorney Tracy Cary recently obtained a $1.4 million judgment for a client in an Alabama circuit court. “My client was seriously injured when a man ran a stop sign and caused a t-bone collision. The impact totaled my client’s car and she had two knee surgeries and a low back fusion and ended up with a spinal cord stimulator,” said Cary. Cary added that it appeared the at-fault driver was driving while distracted. Cary said, “My client was on her way to work and this wreck has uprooted her life in many ways.” Cary also said “It is our passion to represent clients who are injured by the negligence of others. Getting justice for our clients is what drives our firm and all the attorneys in our firm,” Cary stated.


Distracted Driving


Wrongful Death, Auto Accident


Wrongful Death, Auto Accident