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(COVID-19) Pandemic Business Disruptions

The coronavirus (COVI-19) pandemic has resulted in national public health and economic crisis. The economic disruption has forced many businesses to close or reduce their range of operations. As a result, many of these business owners are questioning the extent to which their insurance may cover losses as a result of COVID-19, and pressure is building against insurance companies to pay out for business interruption coverage as a result of the pandemic.

According to the CEO of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, there could be as many as 30 million claims from small business owners who experienced a decline in revenue from the coronavirus. Restaurants in California and Louisiana have begun to file lawsuits against insurance companies claiming that their commercial insurance policy covers the losses generated by a statewide industry shutdown to limit the spread of coronavirus. Additionally, several state legislatures are introducing bills that would require these insurance companies to cover losses for businesses closed or restricted because of social distancing and shutdowns as a result of the pandemic.

The property and casualty insurance industry estimate that losses from business interruptions from coronavirus for small businesses could reach $383 billion per month in the United States. Business owners can review their commercial insurance to see if their policy includes business interruption coverage. The purpose of this coverage is to provide protection for businesses in the event some form of disaster or emergency interrupts everyday operations and results in a loss of revenue.

If you have experienced business interruption losses as a result of coronavirus-related disruptions, our attorneys can thoroughly evaluate your potential claim and take immediate action to move forward with your case against the insurance company.

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