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MATD Prevails in Case Involving Speeding Dump Truck

At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC, we recently handled a case on behalf of a client who was injured in a motor vehicle wreck in the Wiregrass. Our client was turning left from a private drive onto a rural highway when his vehicle was struck by an oncoming dump truck.

The police accident report incorrectly determined that our client caused the accident due to a failure to yield the right of way. Seeking to remedy this error, our firm hired an engineer to download the black box data from the dump truck. The black box data proved that the dump truck was traveling more than 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit at the time of the collision. Thus, the cause of the accident was excessive speed.

Once we proved this, the liability insurance carrier for the company that owned the dump truck refused to provide coverage for the wreck, claiming that the operator of the dump truck was an excluded driver.

Fortunately, our client had uninsured motorist coverage. Our team presented a claim to the uninsured motorist carrier and was able to obtain a policy limits settlement for the client.

Takeaways From Our Recent Victory

This case highlights the importance of two things:

  1. Police accident reports are not always correct, and an investigation may shed clarity on a car accident, even for “at-fault” drivers who were injured in the collision.
  2. All vehicle owners should purchase uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves from accidents like this one and situations in which insurance carriers refuse to provide coverage for certain commercial drivers.

If you have been in a car crash or truck accident and suffered an injury, you should speak to an attorney – even if you don’t think you have a case.

Our team at Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC offers free initial consultations, so you can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your legal claim with an experienced lawyer.

Don’t accept fault in an accident where the other party was speeding or driving unsafely. Instead, find out what, exactly, caused your accident and who is liable for your injuries.

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