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Should I Take the Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

Whether you were involved in a car accident or you slipped and fell on another person’s property, dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury can be an overwhelming experience. To matters worse, you may even have to field phone calls and unwelcome visits from the insurance company. For this reason, the Montgomery personal injury lawyers at Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC encourage you to let our firm take the reins while you focus on the matter of your recovery. In doing so, you can rest easier knowing that you will have someone in your corner who is looking out for your best interests—since the insurance company is typically only interested in resolving your case as quickly as possible, for as little money as they can manage.

After an accident, the responsible party’s insurance company may move quickly to get a statement from you. It is important to understand that you do not have to say a word, however, as doing so may actually be detrimental to your case. You should not put it past them to manipulate your recollection of the incident or even argue that you are not as injured as you are claiming to be. In the end, they may utilize your statement as leverage so that they can get away with offering you less money than you deserve. Even if you think that they have made a suitable offer, you should not hesitate to discuss the matter with an attorney. When you consult our firm, we will be straight forward with you about your chances of obtaining a more substantial amount of compensation.

There have been times when we advise our clients to take the insurance company’s settlement offer if we believe that it is fair. In others, we suggest that they move forward with a trial. Since each case is different, we cannot recommend a course of action until we have had the opportunity to review the circumstances of your accident. For this reason, we encourage you to take proactive measures today by discussing your case with a Montgomery injury attorney at our firm. In doing so, you can explore your options under the guidance of an experienced legal professional and ensure that you are not forfeiting the chance to secure a more substantial settlement. When you contact our office at (844) 654-6228, your initial consultation won’t cost you a thing.

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