Disfigurement Cases in Dothan, AL

Disfigured in an accident? Turn to us for help.

Permanent disfigurement from an accident will lead to a lifetime of challenges that most of us cannot even imagine. There will be a constant physical reminder of the incident, and a great deal of emotional anguish in a radically changed physical appearance. At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC, we are prepared to work tirelessly to seek to recover the compensatory damages you deserve.

Rated AV Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubbell®, our firm has a reputation for being aggressive in fighting for justice for those we serve. To date, we have obtained millions of dollars for clients in personal injury claims and are responsible for winning one of the largest jury verdicts in the history of the state. The Alabama personal injury attorneys from our firm are ready to handle your case will skill and compassion.

Types of Disfigurement Claims

Disfiguring injuries can happen in a variety of situations, including the use of defective products, car crashes, work incidents, fires, electrical accidents and more. Far from surface level, these injuries can result in pain and limited mobility. They may also require individuals to undergo corrective surgery.

Disfigurement claims may fall into these categories:​

  • Injuries from road rash: Often the result of a car or motorcycle accident, these injuries can leave individuals with extensive physical damage.
  • Burn injuries: Some of the most painful injuries, burns be caused by accidents at work, airbags deploying in a collision, fires, electrical accidents, gas explosions, toxic exposure and other similar situations.
  • Injuries to the mouth and face: Cracked or chipped teeth and facial injuries can leave an individual feeling emotionally devastated. Financial compensation will allow for procedures to restore a better appearance.

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