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Crane accidents are one of the most serious types of construction accidents, and cause many serious injuries and fatalities. At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC(MATD), we have achieved many significant victories in serious injury cases, including a recent award of $21,000,000. We are firm believers that those who have been injured due to an act of negligence should be compensated fully for all damages, and we are committed to pursuing the maximum possible.

Crane accidents can be deadly to any person working on the equipment or nearby, as materials drop or the crane plummets due to a failure to correctly stabilize it. Contact our firm for the professional counsel you need to get compensation. Our Dothan, Alabama injury attorneys formerly worked for insurance companies and know exactly how they operate, which has allowed us to achieve many high value settlements and verdicts. We are respected professionals in the field of personal injury law.

Types of Crane Accidents in Alabama

Cranes are equipped with a hoist, wire ropes or chains and pulleys. As cranes are a powerful tool used in all types of developments, these pieces of equipment are frequently used throughout the duration of a construction project. If a crane is not stabilized correctly on solid ground, there is a high possibility that a serious accident will take place, killing or seriously injuring the workers beneath or around it. A crane can be improperly loaded beyond the weight capacity allowed, or some part of the crane can fail while moving heavy objects.

Workers should not operate cranes when weather conditions are hazardous, as the risks increase in high winds. If a worker survives a crane accident, their injuries can be catastrophic. The injuries suffered often include head injuries, neck and back injuries, and spinal cord injuries, or other life-threatening or permanent injuries. The worker will face serious physical challenges in the healing process, and often no longer has the ability to work, either for a long period of time, or permanently.

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At MATD, we serve as counsel for those who have been injured on the job, either due to an accident or by the violation of standard safety procedures. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a crane accident, get in touch with our professional team. We can get your case into motion, and the first step is a meeting with you. We know how commercial insurance companies operate, and how to get results. We are powerful advocates for injured construction workers, and we are prepared to discuss your claim immediately.

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