Dothan Electrical Injury Attorneys

Electrocution & Injury Claims in Dothan, AL

Human bodies conduct electrical current naturally. When our body contacts electrical current, it can instantly reach every part of our body and temporarily paralyze muscles rendering us unable to “let go” or step away. Voltages of 400 to 1000 volts will produce severe external and internal tissue burns within seconds. The amount of electricity in high voltage varies, but is extremely dangerous to any construction worker who is involved in electrical work or other job that brings the worker into contact with live current. It only takes 450 volts to produce skin damage. Electrical power distribution requires high voltage. 50 to 60 hertz of electrical current through the body will cause the heart to malfunction, skip beats or “flutter” or can result in a heart attack.

If the current is through the head, it will cause loss of consciousness and neuropathy, amnesia or death. If you or a loved one has experienced any type of electrical injuries, you are absolutely entitled to maximum compensation. At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC, our legal team is prepared to help you to pursue a fair settlement. The first issue to address is liability. Was your employer negligent in protecting you from harm?

Was a subcontractor negligent in protecting other workers from danger when installing any electrical cables, wires or components? Some accidents are related to work done by a utilities company that was not completed properly. There may be several liable parties in a serious electrical accident.

Once the parties are identified, a claim or lawsuit can be filed to recover compensation, which will name all liable parties. This claim will be based upon the damages in the case, including the degree of the injuries, whether the injuries are permanent or disfiguring, and the ability of the victim to earn a living in the future. Sadly, many electrical accidents lead to death or permanent disability. In such a case, it is imperative that the settlement is of a value that will care for the individual and his or her family in the years to come, and provide for the best possible medical care and treatment, among other costs. Our Dothan electrical injury attorneys will pursue every form of compensation possible.

Construction Accidents and Electrical Injuries

Severe burns, muscle and nerve damage are common in serious electrical accidents. They can occur by accidental contact, flashing electric arcs from live lines, as well as other situations in which electrical current is contacted accidentally. We have seen the terrible results of electrocution accidents, and our mission is to achieve the maximum possible in compensation for construction injuries.

We have recovered millions in damages for our clients, including a recent $21 million settlement. You can trust us to provide you with compassionate, highly skilled legal representation. Call today.