Construction Accidents: Falling Objects

Hit by a falling object while on the job?

Construction accidents, such as those involving falling objects or flying debris, can take place due to negligence. Employers and contractors have a duty to ensure the safety of every worker on the site, and when this is not upheld, serious injuries can be sustained.

Construction accidents can be very serious, causing neck and back injuries, internal injuries, head injuries, other types of injuries or in the most tragic cases, loss of ability or death. If you are a victim, contact us today!

If a falling object injured you, you are entitled to compensation for all damages, including medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other forms of compensation in many cases. Get in touch with our Dothan, Alabama construction accident lawyers to begin an investigation and document the facts so that legal action can be taken against the negligent party.

Types of Falling Objects on Construction Sites

Tools, construction materials, flying debris from power tools, structural collapses and heavy equipment loads that fall are some of the common types of accidents involving falling objects on construction sites. These accidents often lead to serious head injuries or traumatic brain injuries, lacerations or other severe injuries. Although you have the right to workers’ compensation benefits, there may be third party liability, and it is very important that the facts in your case are analyzed to identify all liable parties.

If your own employer had serious safety violations, there could be the possibility of seeking compensation beyond your workers’ comp benefits. There are specific requirements on construction sites with regard to how materials and tools are handled, and all employees must be trained in the correct safety procedures. Equipment and materials should be stored securely where they will not be subject to rolling or sliding, and those working above others must be extremely carefully in the handling of tools, work materials and other objects.

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