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Talcum powder (also known as “baby powder”) is used by many consumers as a diaper rash remedy, as a feminine hygiene product, for cosmetic purposes, and a number of other reasons. Johnson & Johnson, a top producer of talcum powder, has remained a trusted name until the revelation that regular use of their talc-based powders can cause cancer.

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What is Talc?

Talc, a mineral, can contain toxic asbestos in its natural state. Asbestos has long been known as a carcinogen, and has been linked to the development of various diseases — most notably mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that affects tissues, particularly in the lungs when a result of asbestos inhalation.

Asbestos exposure is widely known to be hazardous. However, even non-asbestos-containing talcum powder has been linked to mesothelioma diagnoses, as well as ovarian cancer. The fine particles of the powder can remain in the body, causing inflammation and tumor growth.

Talcum powder used as a feminine hygiene product has been linked to multiple cases of ovarian cancer diagnoses. General use and resulting inhalation of talc-based powders has been cited as a cause of mesothelioma development in a number of patients. These claims have resulted in thousands of lawsuits and multi-million dollar verdicts against Johnson & Johnson, a top producer of talcum powder, and Imerys, the company’s talc supplier.

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