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Alabama Car Accident Statistics Every Driver Needs to Know

At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC, we routinely support and represent victims of all kinds of accidents. While auto collisions are unfortunately common, many drivers continue to take unnecessary risks and ignore the guidelines provided by traffic safety organizations throughout the country.

To increase awareness and encourage drivers to stay safe on the road, we have compiled lists of statistics and safety tips from data provided by Drive Safe Alabama.

10 Facts About Car Accidents in Alabama

From common causes of injury to the most dangerous type of driver, some facts about Alabama auto collisions may seem like common sense. But keeping these in mind will help you stay safe and avoid key risk factors.

Here are 10 Alabama auto collision statistics gathered in recent years:

  1. Car accidents are reported every 200 seconds, and someone is injured in an accident every 11 minutes.
  2. Typical drivers in Alabama have over a 33% chance of becoming involved in a crash that causes injury or death.
  3. While the Alabama Interstate System contains only 1% of the state’s total mileage, it accounts for 11% of traffic-related fatalities.
  4. Most Alabama crashes occur in urban areas, but most fatalities occur in rural areas. In a typical year in Alabama, about 27% of all crashes occur on rural two-lane roads, but crashes on rural roads account for a shocking 62% of all fatalities.
  5. While the most crash-prone day of the week is Friday, most fatal crashes occur on Sunday.
  6. Failure to yield is the top contributing factor of non-fatal crashes, but speeding is the #1 cause of fatal crashes. In fact, Alabama is #12 in the nation for speeding-related fatalities.
  7. In recent years, nearly 29% of drivers involved in fatal accidents were younger than 25.
  8. A texting driver is 23 times more likely to crash than a non-texting driver.
  9. A 10mph reduction in speed reduces the probability of a fatal accident by 50%.
  10. Nearly half of those not wearing a seat belt are injured when involved in a car accident. In fatal crashes where seatbelts were available for use, nearly 60% of fatalities were unrestrained.

Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

With such an alarming likelihood of becoming involved in an accident at some point in your life, you will want to take any precautions you can to diminish the risk.

Drive Safe Alabama suggests the following tips for today’s drivers:

  • Use your seatbelt. Restraints (especially for young children) regularly make the difference between life and death. Take advantage of this simple solution to combat the high risk of catastrophic injury we experience on a daily basis.
  • Be aware of your speed. Schools and work zones have lower speed limits due to added hazards and foot traffic, but be mindful of any additional circumstances (e.g. poor visibility, bad weather, other distracted drivers) that may require an even slower speed.
  • Limit all distractions. Texting is the most obvious distraction, but even conversations with passengers can limit a person’s ability to maintain full engagement with their surroundings. Looking away for even a moment can prevent you from hitting the brake soon enough or avoiding a pedestrian who makes a sudden appearance.

While eliminating all driving risks is impossible, taking even the smallest steps will greatly improve the safety of you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road.

Have You Sustained Injuries Due to Someone Else’s Reckless Behavior?

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