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Attorney Mark Andrews Obtains Historic Verdict in Impaired Driving Case

You don’t have to drive far to realize that impaired drivers are everywhere and they are dangerous. Even though justice sometimes takes much longer than we’d like, as lawyers for injured people, we fight for our clients no matter how long it takes. In October 2013, our client, a 16-year-old girl, was severely injured in a t-bone crash where one of the drivers was impaired by alcohol and medications. Our client was life-flighted from the scene and taken to ICU where she was intubated. Over the next weeks, while her friends and family kept a prayerful vigil, her condition slowly improved but only after several surgical procedures. Her injuries left her with several scars, visible and permanent reminders of the day she almost lost her life. In August 2015, a jury returned a $3,800,000 verdict after a week-long trial that featured chain of custody testimony and competing toxicologists. Then, came the appeals. Over the next two and one-half years, the insurance company’s lawyers fought tooth and nail to get the verdict overturned or reduced. However, in the spring of 2018, after four rounds of appeals, the Alabama Supreme Court upheld both the compensatory and punitive aspects of the verdict. The fight for our client continues as she deals with the physical and emotional aftermath of her injuries, but we were pleased and happy that our law firm’s efforts resulted in a historic verdict for our client and that the verdict was affirmed on appeal. We believe justice is worth fighting for and we fight to win.