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Electronic Cigarette Injuries

Tobacco use is largest and most preventable cause of disease and death in the United States. And while this information isn’t a surprise to most people, new technology has made smoking tobacco products seem safer than it actually is.

Electronic cigarette companies advertise themselves as a low-risk or even risk-free alternative to smoking cigarettes and other forms of tobacco use. At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC, we have seen electronic cigarette shops pop up all around our community, as well as more people “vaping” in public places like restaurants, sidewalks, and even while they are driving down the highway.

Although electronic cigarettes have helped a large number of individuals stop their tobacco habits, consumers can still suffer injuries caused by these devices. As with all emerging technologies and products, it takes time for the unknown risks to rear their ugly heads. It will take time for regulators to make policies that address the effects of electronic cigarettes, and for researchers to learn more about the potential health impacts these products.

However, when we shift our focus of away from the long term health implications and concentrate on the short term implications, we discover a glaring problem: electronic cigarettes have the tendency to combust and injure users.

It is important to note that, strictly speaking, an e-cig combusting is statistically rare. However, as more and more of these devises make their way into the marketplace, the likelihood of people suffering serious personal injuries and property damage increases.

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