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Attorney Mark Andrews Obtains $3.8 Million Verdict

A Geneva County jury returned a verdict of $3.8 million in a case involving a client who was severely injured in an alcohol-related car crash. The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Mark Andrews.

The accident took place at the intersection of Alabama Highway 167 and Geneva County road 41. A Geneva County resident was found under the influence of alcohol when discovered at the scene of the accident. He failed to stop at a stop sign and drove into the path of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Both vehicles were overturned.

Not only did the passengers in the other vehicle suffer severe and permanent injuries, but the life of the minor passenger in the defendant’s vehicle was permanently impacted as a result of the accident. She was found trapped under the truck and, not surprisingly, had to be airlifted to Southeast Alabama Medical Center. While on life support, she was found to have suffered brain injuries and a broken jaw. The male plaintiff suffered a severely broken neck that required an extensive neck fusion surgery. Later, he developed life-threatening blood clotting in his lungs. The female plaintiff’s injuries included a broken foot and a seatbelt laceration, as well as other injuries that caused permanent pain.

The defendant was in full denial of his responsibility for the accident, even though all of the facts pointed to his guilt. Not only did an eye-witness testify to watching him speed through the stop sign, but his blood alcohol level was recorded at .059 and .073. According to the experts, drivers with an alcohol level as low as .03% may lose depth of field perception and suffer the inability to make safe decisions. It was determined that the defendant was not in a safe state of mind to drive at the time of the accident.

In the end, the jury determined that an amount of $3.8 million was appropriate to compensate the plaintiffs for their losses and suffering. Find out more by contacting our firm today!

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