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Ford Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Faulty Fuel Injector

Ford and other major vehicle manufacturers have recently come under fire after it was discovered that some diesel engine models contained faulty fuel injectors.

The manufacturing part that is garnering so much attention is the CP4 high-pressure fuel injector made by the popular German engineering firm, Bosch. The part was adopted by Ford in order to lower production costs, and therefore, lower the cost to the buyer. Unfortunately, the opposite has proven to be true.

When paired with European diesel fuel, the CP4 performs as one would expect. But when paired with American diesel fuel, the injector has been shown to fail catastrophically at very low mileage. Due to the fact that the injector is being exposed to fuel it was not designed to accept, the part begins to fail immediately, depositing metal shavings in the engine that cause more damage. This supplementary damage is often not covered by the manufacturer warranty, which means consumers are forced to cover the cost of repairing their vehicle.

As a result of the production error, a class action lawsuit has been brought against Ford. The lawsuit claims that Ford was aware that their vehicles were “ticking time bombs” as early as 2005 and did nothing to fix the issue.

When consumers purchase something as expensive as a vehicle, they expect it to function, and rightfully so. If you or someone you know owns a vehicle with Bosch’s CP4 fuel injector, you should immediately give us a call to discuss all of your legal options. Even if the part has not failed yet, you may be entitled to recover financial damages.

Faulty engines included in the lawsuit include, but may not be limited to:

  • Ford: 6.7L Power Stroke
  • Chevrolet / GMC: 6.6L V8 Duramax LML, 6.6L V8 Duramax LGH

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