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How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligent, reckless or careless actions, the first question on your mind may be, “Is it worth my time to file a lawsuit?” Unfortunately, a number of injured victims are hesitant to pursue compensation because they are unsure of how much their claim will be worth. While this is an important factor to take into consideration, you should not be deterred from taking legal action until you have had the opportunity to discuss your case with a Montgomery personal injury attorney from Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC. In doing so, you may be able to more accurately determine just how much your injury claim is worth.

While determining the value of a case is not as simple as it may seem—since each case is unique—there are certain factors that can be taken into consideration, including:

  • The amount of your medical expenses
  • The severity of your injuries/illness
  • The overall length of your recovery
  • The amount of your lost wages

If you are interested in discussing your case with a Montgomery injury lawyer at our firm, we encourage you to call our office today at (844) 654-6228 for a free consultation. While we may not be able to give you a definitive answer about the worth of your injury claim, we can review the circumstances of your accident and help you to explore your legal options. Our firm is known for securing high-value verdicts and settlements, including one of the largest jury verdicts in the history of the state ($21,000,000 ), so you can trust that your case will be in good hands. All you have to do is give us a call today or submit a free case evaluation form online to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon.