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Passionately Defending The Defenseless

Nursing homes are meant to be a place of healing, comfort, care, and rest for the elderly who no longer can care for themselves. No family places their elderly loved one in a nursing home willingly; it almost always is a painstaking decision made with the elder’s best interests in mind. Unfortunately, however, not every facility, nurse, or medical professional is up to the right standards. In case of nursing home abuse or neglect, there is no time to waste in enlisting the services of a Mobile, AL nursing home abuse attorney you can trust, such as ours at Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC. Millions of families have to make the heart-wrenching decision to place their elderly parent or loved one in another person’s care and those entrusted as caretakers must be held accountable for their actions.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse can take form in many ways, and since nursing home patients are under this care at all times, the opportunities for any misconduct or negligence to occur are many. The following are common types of nursing home abuse:

  • Physical, including hitting, slapping, punching
  • Emotional, including verbal abuse, threats, intimidation
  • Financial exploitation
  • Neglect, such as failing to provide medication, food, or water
  • Sexual abuse, such as groping, forced touching, rape, etc.

The elderly patient being abused is unlikely to speak up for fear of retaliation or not being believed. Therefore, it is advised the families of nursing home patients stay vigilant in recognizing the early warning signs of any abuse. Beware of red flags such as any sudden changes in physical appearance or behavior.

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