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Attorney Joey Morris Serves Family in Resolving Accidental Death by Tractor Trailer

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Attorney Joey Morris successfully litigated a case for the children of a man with dementia who was killed by a tractor trailer while walking on the side of the road. The family of the decedent sued the trucking company that employed the driver. The accident happened in the early hours of the morning while it was still dark, and the truck driver’s employer claimed that the man walked out into the road in front of the truck, resulting in his death.

Morris successfully connected with various witnesses and spoke to people who saw the man walking on the side of the road in the minutes before he was hit. Witnesses verified that, upon seeing the man, they had enough time to steer clear of him when driving by. In Morris’ investigation, he recovered a video from the truck’s dashboard camera, which revealed that the truck driver did not attempt to avoid the man, even while he was visible to the driver. Morris settled the case in mediation.

Our team at Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC handles many cases like these, in which families need help holding the responsible parties accountable for the death of a loved one. Our diligence, skill in strategic investigation, and commitment to caring for our friends and neighbors are what make us successful. We seek to resolve all cases quickly and efficiently, in order to better serve our clients and their families.

Wrongful Death in Alabama

If your family member has died as a result of someone else’s negligent behavior or reckless decisions, we are here to help you hold them responsible for the harm they have caused to your family and your loved one. At Morris, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC, we believe in holding people accountable for loss of life and the suffering of the loved ones left behind, and we are prepared to work with you to bring the responsible parties to justice.

The state of Alabama allows family members to sue for punitive damages as a means of punishing the person or entity responsible for the death caused, regardless of whether the amount of the punitive damages is equal to the amount of direct financial loss experienced because of the decedent’s passing.

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